Professional web development on demand.

Add an experienced developer to your team without a full hiring process. When there is availability, we can start working together within a few days.

Fullstack web development

Being able to contribute to every layer of complex applications means I can help companies move faster on many things. I' comfortable with frontend, backend, single-page apps, APIs, you name it.

With an eye for UI / UX

Having worked at a design agency for many years, I'm experienced with designing for the web and enjoy creating small UI interactions that put a smile on people's face.



Full day + full focus

I prefer working in full days (e.g. 8 hours every Tuesday). This way, I can focus on a project without any context switching. It gives both parties plannability and time to prepare. Ideally, it also creates ongoing momentum and visible progress each week.


Async + available

Dev work requires uninterrupted focus. While I'm not a huge fan of meetings and prefer async communication, I'm happy to jump on your Slack, Discord, Teams, etc. and also hop on calls when it makes sense.


Flexible + fair

When we have an ongoing contract and there is no work for me for a day, you don't pay. Things happen, I get it. If you need me for an extra day and there's availability, I'm happy to help out.


Ben Mann

Fullstack developer & founder

With over 12 years of experience and several self-funded SaaS businesses, I have extensive experience but also an immense passion for building great products. I've built and scaled web apps across the full stack that have served millions of users and on top of that I have a strong sense of UI and UX.

When evaluating if we're a good fit, it probably makes sense to jump on a call and talk about your project and your specific needs before committing to anything.

You can book a free 30 minute call with me below.



Project based

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