Backspace is a startup studio driven by technology. A company that builds tech companies.

Rethink. Rebuild. Repeat.

Our studio builds ideas into companies with positive impact. We combine skills and capital to rapidly execute on an emerging technology. It’s a place where multiple ideas are built to product/market fit. To build a company we follow an analytical flow to learn and continuously improve. After the seed stage, our startups debut as independent companies.

Technology pushes humanity forward


Technology pushes humanity forward

We believe that technology has a positive impact on the world. It's the one thing that has increased human wellbeing over time. Our goal is to enable people to live better and harm less. That's why we build tech companies that make the world a little better. They are enablers for change.

Following a process for progress


Following a process for progress.

Our experience as entrepreneurs has taught us that progress comes from the right combination of technology, design and traction. This is what moves things forward. Our studio provides what’s needed to get from an idea to a company. We follow an analytical venture flow to get from A to B. It enables us to build several companies in parallel. This process improves with every startup we do.


The perfect co-founder of a seed stage startup.

As a studio we co-found a startup with an entrepreneur who is a specialist in his field. Together we build the startup from idea to product/market fit over a period of 24 months. This improves the chance of a startup getting through the rollercoaster. After this period they debut as an independent startup with traction, a complete team and a working product. We make technology happen.

The perfect co-founder of a seed stage startup

Our formula for positive impact

Our formula for positive impact

Our Journal

Work with us

Current job openings at the studio and its ventures.

Stay on top of your culture

Tools to start nurturing a healthy company culture.

Finding the right maker

Thinking about a curated marketplace for creative folk.

Most things are getting better

Why so negative? Let the facts and figures tell you the real story.

The anatomy of a startup

Cover all bases. The roles you need in building a company.

Movies with a mission

Movies that put the spotlight on where it hurts.

Read before pitching

Here are some of the resources you need to read before pitching.

Yes, we changed the name

The studio formerly known as Disrupted, now goes by the name Backspace.

Powering the internet of everything

An open data network for the ‘internet of things’.