A tiny product studio for hire.

backspace is a one-man product studio that teams up with businesses to build awesome digital products, while also creating our own.

12+ years of experience

With extensive experience across the full stack and with clients ranging from mom-and-pop shops to fortune 100 companies, I'm able to quickly understand your product and get to work.

Working with the tools you use

Teams, Slack, E-Mail, Zoom, you name it. To make collaboration as seamless as possible for clients, I work where you do. Chances are, I'm already using what you're using and if not, I'm happy to adapt.

Async but in sync

I've previously worked with a client for over two years, who I've only had two calls with. I love async. However, if you prefer regular calls and meetings, we'll make it work.

Quick to get started

When there is availability, I'm able to start supporting you within days. See below for current availability and pricing.

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Happy customers

People over projects, always. I love working with smart, ambitious people and helping them get from A to B faster.

“Ben was super quick to get started and adopted existing code conventions in no time. Over the course of a few months, we finished large and small features together, drastically increasing our overall output.“

Moritz Dausinger
Moritz Dausinger

“I've been working closely with Ben for over 2 years and he's been a key part of the platform's success. He single-handedly built an entirely new front end for our complex web app without so much as breaking a sweat. He is highly skilled, reliable, flexible and most importantly, great fun to work with.“

Lewis Potter
Lewis Potter
Geeky Medics

“Ben's introduction of a cutting-edge frontend stack, including Next.js, React, Tailwind, and AWS deployment, has been transformative for our team. Not only did he ensure that our solution was highly scalable, maintainable, and testable, but his exceptional coaching empowered our frontend developers to continue managing the system independently.

As we tackle challenging technical projects, we continue to rely on his expertise for coding and pull requests.

After one year of working with him, Ben comes highly recommended for any startup seeking top-notch frontend support.“

Ingo Lange
Ingo Lange
MARA Solutions


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